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You are a Gift
        in This World

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Hey, Cherub!

I'm Mary-Grace, Transformational Retreat Leader, Intuitive Healer, Sacred Musician & Spiritual guide.  It's my passion and gift of magnitude to assist the amazing missioned souls of New Earth to Awaken and remember the deepest Truth of yourself, your innate God-given gifts, and the power of your own Divine Choice to live in the New Earth Vibrations of Peace, Love and Joy.  Together we HEAL old paradigm fears, shame and self-repression so that you can confidently and effortlessly REVEAL your deepest Soul-Expression and SHINE your healing light into this world that needs you so much! 


It's your time, Earth Angel!

I'm am delighted and grateful that you are here!

Come in and explore all of the ways we can work and play together in Retreats, live events, online programs and more in the tabs above. You are a Gift in this world!
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    Soul Offerings


Soul Purpose Retrieval

An intuitively guided session discovering and aligning you with your Soul Codes, Soul-Purpose and the unconditional Self-Love you have been longing for!

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Soul Gaze Sessions

Soul-Gaze Awakening Package

A 1.5 hour session in the powerful Soul-Gaze deep Awakening portal where your own soul will speak directly to you through the eyes of your practitioner, Mary-Grace McCloud.

A deep transformational pathway including Energetic Renewal Session, Ancestral Clearing, Soul Purpose Retrieval and Self-Love & Soul Expression codes activation, when you are ready for a full Life Transformed! 




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Experience Complimentary Soul-Gaze!

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Soul Clarity Call

Bask in the deep Soul-Gaze portal, & receive insight and clarity from Your Soul.
Feel light and uncluttered.
Reveal exactly where to place your
divine focus to live in the frequency of
New Earth Peace, Love and JOY!
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What Others are Saying


Lynley Evans Career Confidence Coach

"When I started working with Mary I was incredibly emotional and not coping with life. She has helped me immensely to view the world differently on so many levels.  With Mary's help I gained the confidence to launch my coaching business!  I can definitely recommend her to anyone seeking transformational change, and really wanting to take on board the possibility of a new life."


Purchase my album 'ONLY LOVE' with songs that reprogram your subconscious mind to self-love and your conscious mind to peace, love and joy! $10


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