Our Mission


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Child Development, Qualifications in Health and Wellness Coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques, NLP, Quantum Healing and Business management, but my deepest gifts and skills have come from the profound intuitive openings that allow me to hear the voice of The Divine, to channel Divine Love and Healing and align and balance energies towards freeing people's power of divine expression in all dimensions and realities....​

It is my great joy to help others to allow themselves to be seen, heard, witnessed and received by and as All That Is. 


Together we heal core wounds, activate Divine Self-Love and reveal your deepest soul calling so that you KNOW yourself at the deepest level, LOVE yourself unconditionally and SHINE your Divine gifts radiantly into this world.  

Hello Beautiful Being!

Welcome to my divine life mission of assisting those the world needs most (that's YOU!) to Light Up & Be Seen in your relationships, your abundance, your businesses and especially in the Mirror!  Self-Love is my speciality... WHY?  It is what I most needed to learn! 


For as long as I could remember, I just disliked myself.  I told myself I was ugly, never good enough, a waste of space, awkward and unlovable. All this despite having had a loving home and plenty of physical comfort.  I believe this is because I was BORN to teach self-love so I needed to learn it.  Shame was my middle name... I was so self-conscious I couldn't walk across a room without feeling deep anxiety...


Like all magical children, I always knew I had something Uh-mazing to offer the world, but I gave up hoping that anyone would notice, listen or value me, ever.  And besides that I had a crippling fear of public speaking, so I had plenty of mindset issues to conquer!  

It was at my second Public Speaking class, after having run out of the room just when it was my turn to speak that I had a transformational bathroom experience LOL. Sitting on the toilet seat, crying my eyes out, I heard the Divine Voice say, "If you're not going to give yourself a voice, your life will not be worth living."   When that voice speaks I cannot help but follow.


I marched back into the room and spoke my piece and decided from that moment forward I was taking away my right to Stop Myself in life ever again. There was too much healing to do in the world, too many songs to sing, too many choirs of angels waiting for me to light up!  It's my privilege to help you do the same... 

Infinite Love,    Mary M

Our Mission


Our mission is to create an

ever-expanding soul-tribe of

New Earth Souls,  who know themselves

at the deepest level, love themselves unconditionally and are willing to BE their true authentic self-expression for the highest good of all, through all time,

space dimensions and realities. 

We heal together, play together and create together towards the ascension of all beings into the light of our own soul.


Bringing together human angels from

every walk of life, who wish to heal

the illusion of separation to live in

Heaven on New Earth....


Our Vision


Our vision is to be a radiant contribution to the planet, her beings and each other, by helping heal the illusion of separation that plagues humanity at this time. We collaborate with all other divine beings to create our New Earth as a place where Mother Earth is held in reverence, where all beings are cherished, all voices are valued and every being's soul-expression is seen as an integral part of the whole. Where New Earth Gardens, Dwellings, Healing and Performance Centres,  Communities thrive and where all beings belong and are supported in their expansion creation and true expression of the Oneself.