Soul-Work Pathways


Soul-Purpose Retrieval and

Self-Love Activation

Self-Love and Soul Purpose Retrieval: 60-90 min sessions, with follow-up. An intuitively guided session discovering and aligning you with your Soul Codes, Soul-Purpose and the unconditional Self-Love you have been longing for! Several modalities may be used including, energetic alignment, quantum healing, sound healing, Soul Gaze and Divine Love healing. Also available: Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapping  Investment $222


Soul-gaze sessions

A 1.5 hour session in the powerful Soul-Gaze deep Awakening portal where your own soul will speak directly to you through the eyes of your practitioner, Mary-Grace McCloud. Your session may include sound healing, channeled messages, direct eye contact for extended periods for the dissolution of stories into the unified field and transmission of codes of awakening... 💫


Sessions will evoke emotions of every kind and a willingness and commitment to allow the experiencing of these emotions is required by those seeking this deep form of awakening. Introductory sessions run to 90 minutes and include a follow up call 1 week later. Your investment is $222 and can be paid via the Paypal link once you click Book Session.  If you are unsure if this is for you, please book a Soul Clarity call with me and I'll be happy to connect and share more about this amazing portal. 😇


Soul-gaze awakening package

The Soul-Gaze Awakening Package is created for the missioned soul who is ready to discover the deepest truth of you and the infinite, abundant nature of the being-ness and worlds we can experience. It includes:


1 X Energetic Renewal session which does the energetic groundwork to release from your etheric body, all of the past ideas, beliefs and emotional patterns of lifetimes that created the experiences of fear, anger and hurt and their ever-echoing voices in your life. Feel all of these fall out of your holographic body while in the deep Soul-Gaze Intuitive channel.


1 X Ancestral Clearing and integration of all chains of pain and limitation broken and integrated into the present timelines of New Earth and all energetic timelines of the infinite possibilities!


1X Unique Soul-Code Activation session to untie all active cords of limitation around what is possible in THIS lifetime and your energetic offering to life and humanity's ascension process revealed.


1 X Self-Love Stabilisation and Integration session to integrate all parts of the Awakening process within you and give you skills to practice playfully and diligently for a lifetime of Soul Satisfaction


These sessions will be 60 to 90 minutes and done over 6 weeks to allow integration at times decided by client and practitioner.


Investment: $888 Pay in full or $455 X2

I will contact you upon booking your first session with payment options such as Paypal or direct transfer. 🙏


❤️ Congratulations! This will be an awesome ride! ❤️


Soul Clarity Session

Completely obligation free opportunity to connect with Mary M via video chat to 'speak soul.' You will experience the deep Soul-Gaze portal, and the insight, clarity and confidence it gives you to move forward knowing your own inner guru is guiding you every step of this journey!  This will also give clarity on which of our divine offerings would be the most aligned place for you to continue your journey.  You will leave feeling light and uncluttered knowing where to place your divine focus in the highest good of all for your stabilisation in the frequency of New Earth Peace, Love and JOY!